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"It's magical when you leave your home looking and feeling good,

and it feels even better to go back to it!"

Some Products And Equipment We Use


Magic Eraser



“ Love what we do, because I love to see the expression of my clients when they see their home looking totally different! because it looks, smells, and feels different! GJS is a company that cares about the peace of mind of all of our clients.

Claudia Hinojosa

We are an environment friendly cleaning company

In addition to doing detailed residential cleaning, moving cleaning, and maintenance. Our services are performed with biodegradable and environmentally friendly techniques and products, unlike other cleaning companies that use chemicals that harm the health of customers, even themselves, in addition, our services are very detailed and of excellent quality.

Our Services

Environment Friendly




Green Janitorial Services

Environmentally friendly

We use biodegradable products to ensure an environment free of harmful toxins for your home and family. We also seek to provide the same service in the commercial area, despite the fact that the majority of commercial cleaning products are chemical, there are also lines of ecological products that have helped us a lot to fulfill our objective.


We continue to seek to implement the best techniques. Training and products to be in constant evolution, as new lines of materials come out every time, therefore we must be aware of the best methods to clean these new surfaces.

Our Work

Our Services


Deep Cleaning

This service is done the first time we perform a commercial or residential service, always! It is when the house or office is still occupied by the customer.

We scrub the toilet bowls with a pumice stone, remove the hard water stains, clean the rails of the shower doors and windows, and moore.



From disinfecting your home to taking out the garbage, we take care of thoroughly cleaning and cleaning your home until it is clean and tidy using environmentally friendly products.


Commercial or Janitorial Cleaning

This service is required commonly for offices or retail stores, with a frequency that goes from daily, twice a week, or weekly (is not recommended less than this frequency). The cleaning is maintenance, which means that will require start with a deep cleaning and from there the cleaning will be lighter


Window Cleaning

This cleaning is requested as commercial and also residential, with a 3 to 6 months frequency depending on the weather, commonly made during summer months when there is no rain or snow.


Floor Brushing

This is mostly required in commercial areas, but we also do it in home garages if required, this service is required during any season.


Strip & Wax

This job is mostly commercial, we found it as an excellent way to give vinyl flooring with high traffic or old ones a second chance.

What Our Clients Say:

Thank you Claudia and the Green Janitorial Crew for making my house look so amazing and clean , everything was so great I am really impressed and happy !!! Your professionalism and commitment is 100% !!! Thank you

Andrea Negrete

Claudia and Sam were so good to work with. I couldnt believe how white and shiny my home was after they left. Stains that I couldnt remove were gone. /The whole house smelled fresh and details were done without prompting them to do such details. Thank you!

Mary Bentley

Gracias Janitorial Services por su gran compromiso y profesionalismo en el resultado de su trabajo. 200% recomendado en los pisos en el mantenimiento de la limpieza del edifico, un excelente trabajo en la limpieza de las ventanas de mi negocio.!

Angelina Martinez

Green Janitorial Services

At GJS we are committed to going that extra mile that makes the difference, the detail is what characterizes us. It doesn’t matter if the client doesn’t see it, if it is dirty it gets cleaned, period.


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